Workshop – Prayer

Note: All workshops will be recorded and can be accessed through the conference platform for a limited time.

Each participant will be able to attend two (2) workshops, one per day during the conference. More information on the workshops and workshop leaders are available under “Workshops.”

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Wednesday, July 7
Prayers of the People, for the People — Maylanne Maybee This session will explore both the spirituality of intercession and the form of the Prayers of the People in which intercession is offered. What are your favourite DOs and DON’Ts when it comes to the Prayers of the People? Who offers the prayers, to whom, for what, and how? This is an opportunity to share what you are learning during the pandemic about how to effectively engage others in leading and offering prayers. Maylanne Maybee is a deacon serving at St. George’s Anglican Church in Montreal. She is principal of the United Theological College within the Montreal School of Theology, and is a member of the Joint Anglican-Lutheran Commission.

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