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Note: All workshops will be recorded and can be accessed through the conference platform for a limited time.

Each participant will be able to attend two (2) workshops, one per day during the conference. More information on the workshops and workshop leaders are available under “Workshops.”

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Wednesday, July 7
Making Music in Unusual Times — Elisabeth Cherland What do lonely and anxious college students at a Lutheran college in Minnesota have to teach us about community and music? So very much. This workshop will have three parts. I’ll begin by sharing stories of disruption and grace from teaching music and conducting choirs during a pandemic and a time of racial reckoning. Next, I’ll talk about paperless music and its power to deepen community and bring our bodies, minds, and hearts together even across divisions. Finally, we’ll sing – both alone and together – and explore paperless music. This session will send you with resources (some new and some you may already have) for finding this music, and techniques on how to best lead it in worship and other contexts.

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