This year’s National Worship Conference aims to assist us, as people of faith, in responding liturgically, theologically and ritually to natural disaster (earthquake, fire, flood, hurricane), all of which are increasingly impinging upon our experience; as well as disasters of human making, such as terrorism and violence. Often, in such situations, it is the church that is called upon to give language and song to the emotions people experience. We will bring our rich traditions together and give voice to the unspeakable.

Our conference worship will be shaped by lections that help give expression to an overarching theme: From Dissonance & Lament toward Transformation & Harmony. Over the course of the conference, worship will move from a cathartic outpouring of grief and frustration to a place of greater calm in the face of a still chaotic world; mirroring through music and spoken word, the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

This conference promises to be a powerfully moving and uplifting experience for all who attend. We hope you will join us.

Keynote Speaker – Rev. Dr. Lizette Larson-Miller
Theologian, musician and liturgical writer exploring rites for use with the sick and dying, considerations of sacred space, popular religiosity and contemporary ritual issues. She is currently professor of liturgy and Huron-Lawson chair in moral & pastoral theology at Huron University College at Western University in London, Ontario. In the news


CF 2012 Teaching ColorMusician – Mr. Chad Fothergill
Organist, composer, writer and doctoral musicology student, researching the Lutheran Cantor tradition in both its Reformation-era and present-day contexts.

This conference is for you!

Musicians & Liturgists

This is a unique opportunity for musicians and liturgists to share and network ideas and resources. Much of our time in plenary and worship will draw upon the musical history and energy we share in the Anglican and Lutheran traditions and beyond.

Rural and Urban

Both rural and urban church communities are vital centres of ministry and mission. This conference has been designed to address the particular needs of both rural and urban churches across our country.